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'Indian 2' to Maintain Two Weeks Gap with 'Kalki'

'Indian 2' to Maintain Two Weeks Gap with 'Kalki'

"Kalki 2898 AD" is set to be released worldwide on May 9th. The makers are currently in the final stages of production. Kamal Haasan also features in the sci-fi drama alongside Prabhas.

Kamal Haasan, a legendary actor, portrays the main antagonist in "Kalki 2898 AD". Therefore, he does not want this film to clash with another of his projects.

Kamal Haasan wrapped up his work on director Shankar's "Indian 2" a while ago, and the production house has now decided to release it during the summer holiday season, tentatively planned for May.

However, since both films star Kamal Haasan, "Indian 2" and "Kalki" cannot compete directly. Hence, the producers aim to maintain a two-week gap between these mega-movies.


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