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Impactful Dialogues From 'Yatra-2' Trailer

Impactful Dialogues From 'Yatra-2' Trailer

The trailer of Yatra 2 is released today, and it has some sparks to grab the attention of the target audience. The dialogues shown in the trailer have good gravity and impact. 

The first one is by Subhalekha Sudhakar who says, "Jagan Reddy Kadapodu sir. Satruvu meeda prateekarm teerchukovaali ani nirnayinchukunnaaka, thaanu nasanam ayipotaanani telisinaa..Satruvuki tala vanchadu sir". 

The other dialogue is by Mammootty as YSR who asks his PA in connection to spending Rs 4 lakh on a girl's ill health, "nuvvu cheppinde correte ayya. naaku ardhamayyindi. kaanee manam cheyyalamane maata ee paapaki arthamayyelaa cheppu".

Mahesh Manjrekar as Chandrababu says, "ee rojullo siddhantalu, viluvalu panikiraavayya avasaraalanu batti 'mundukupovaali'". The term 'mundukupovaali' is a regular expression used by Chandrababu, and it is employed in this context.

At last, Jiiva as YS Jagan delivers the dialogue of YSR: "nenu vinnanu..nenu unnaanu", indicating that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took over the legacy of his father.

All the dialogues have impact and caught the attention of the target audience. The curiosity about the film is rising day by day, and it is all set to hit the screens on Feb 8th.

Mahi V Raghav directed the film while Mammootty and Jiiva played YSR and YS Jagan respectively.


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