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Idle Ravi Teja Heading for Foreign Holidays

Idle Ravi Teja Heading for Foreign Holidays

Ravi Teja has now no work on hand. All his projects are either being dropped off or being postponed. He has been sitting idle for the last eight months.

As there is no sign of any development in the new film he planned for producer Danayya, he is leaving for foreign Holidays to while away the time. 

According to our sources, Ravi Teja will also do rejuvenation therapy for few days at some foreign exotic resort. 

Ravi Teja is not cutting down his remuneration. A Ravi Teja film is costing Rs 25 – 30 cr to the producers and if his movies become big hit they would collect around Rs 30 Cr. So the producers are not earning much. Hence all producers are asking him to slash down the remuneration to cut down the production but he is refusing to do.

Ravi Teja has been sitting idle since the release of “Bengal Tiger” which hit the theaters last year.



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