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Hyderabad Youngsters Smitten with Priya Prakash

Hyderabad Youngsters Smitten with Priya Prakash

Priya Prakash Varrier is a beauty. In fact, she has started looking hot now as she groomed herself well after gaining craze with her wink act.

No wonder then that the Hyderabad youngsters went fidaa over her beauty when they saw her in person as she attended the audio launch event of “Lover’s Day”.  They are smitten with her classy looks.

The rich kids of Hyderabad have tried all their ways to reach to her using their influences to take a selfie or stay ‘close’ to her for few moments of happiness.

Many young guys have exerted pressure on the producer of “Lover’s Day” to take them to near her. Such is the craze of Priya Prakash. Her beauty made them go bonkers.

It is said that many filmmakers too have started enquiring about her dates. Priya Prakash is a rage in Telugu land now.

The teenage beauty from Kerala is the new hottest glamour queen in South India.



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