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How Baba Seduced 308 Women

How Baba Seduced 308 Women

The entire world was astonished when Sanjay Dutt revealed that he had slept with 308 women till date. But what was it about this self-professed yesteryear drug and sex addict that attracted so many women to him?

Filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani revealed the secret in an interview given to India Today. Apparently, Sanjay Dutt tricked the women he was dating by taking them to a graveyard.

He would show them a particular grave and say that it was his mother’s grave (which wasn’t the case) and that he wanted the girl to meet his mother. This out-of-the-box ploy would make the girl feel emotionally attached to Sanjay and the rest was easy.

By the way, Ranbir Kapoor who is essaying Sanjay Dutt in the biopic revealed that his ‘count’ is less than 10.

Also, Ranbir spoke with Sanjay every night before the shoot to get into the skin of the character and understand Sanjay’s state of mind and his perspective during those incidents.

Ranbir also revealed the occasion when Sanjay’s father Sunil Dutt realised that his son was a drug addict.

“One night, Sanjay was so high on drugs that he thought a candle was burning his dad’s head and he then proceeded to put out the candle. It was then that Sunil Dutt realised to his shock that his son had become an addict,” said Ranbir to India Today.

There was a vindictive side to Sanjay Dutt as well and he could not take rejection or being dumped by his girlfriends.

“On one occasion, when girlfriend broke up with him, Sanjay Dutt borrowed a friend’s car and smashed it into the car parked outside the residence of the girlfriend which turned out to be the car of her new boyfriend,” said Hirani.

As one can see, his life was anything but uninteresting and the biopic will lay bare in all its entirety, the complex personality that is Sanjay Dutt.



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