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Heroine Says Sorry For Release

Heroine Says Sorry For Release

Tapsee kicked up a controversy with the now infamous 'coconut' controversy, where she said that Raghavendra Rao was used to hitting his heroines with fruits and that she was no exception.

Well, goes without saying her tongue-in-cheek comment raked quite a controversy and it was big enough to create a flutter despite the on-going stories about the drug menace in Tollywood.

Though initially, Tapsee maintained that she made casual comments and did not mean anything much, as the controversy did not die down, Tapsee has now posted a video apologizing to the veteran director and Telugu audiences in general.

In the video, Tapsee says that she is really sorry if she hurt the sentiments of people, though she never intended to do so in the first place.

But those who watched the video feel that she has done her bit to calm down the controversy and that she does not look too convincing while apologizing.

Now, whatever is the truth, Tapsee has a film lined up for release. And commenting on Raghavendra Rao can cost her the few films that she might get in future.

Already her career is not going great in Tollywood and such comments might mar her future. There is also talk that it might affect Anando Brahma that is due for release.

So, Tapsee promptly released a sorry video to make-up.



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