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Hero Stalls His Film's Release

Hero Stalls His Film's Release

Well, there are so many stories in tinsel ville about the efforts that go into releasing a film. And all heroes, big and small want to see their films at the box office. But in a one-of-its-kind situation, it is being said that Tarun has lodged a complaint with MAA asking for his film’s release to be stalled.

The film titled Yuddham has been produced by Nattikumar.

Yuddham has been in the making for the past three years and it was actually scheduled for release on March 7. But the film’s hero Tarun asked the movie to be stopped as the producer hasn’t cleared his dues. However, the film’s producer has his version of the tiff.

According to him, the film was stalled as the lead pair did not along with each other.

Apparently, he tried to convince Tarun that his dues (Rs 10 lakh) would be cleared once the film releases. Nattikumar also blamed Suresh Babu for not allocating theaters as Tarun’s film is not likely to make any money.

Poor Nattikumar says he will quit making films and being a producer. He has gone to the extent of saying that he will not make films even if a top hero like Balakrishna allocates dates to him.



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