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Hello Trailer: Vikram's Mark Plus Akhil's Spark

Hello Trailer: Vikram's Mark Plus Akhil's Spark

From the makers of Manam here comes Hello, a tale about a young man who goes to any lengths to find his soulmate.

The trailer is filled with vibrant visuals and fantastic action with Akhil finding his groove.

Vikram Kumar is known for coming up with different ideas and Hello bears his stamp all over. It is not easy to guess the plot of the film even though the trailer gives enough hints.

Vikram's strength lies in storytelling and we can expect another exhilarating time at the cinemas with this one.

Akhil is looking handsome and energetic while Kalyani impresses in the first look. Ajay plays the baddie and looks menacing.

Hello is all set for grand release on Dec 22. Nagarjuna is going for a huge release despite the competition.

The trailer sets expectations high and let's hope the film lives up to them.



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