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Hanuman Reference For Every 10 Mins: Dir

Hanuman Reference For Every 10 Mins: Dir

Director Prasanth Varma awe-struck the whole nation with the teaser of Hanu-Man, and then the theatrical trailer of this original superhero film starring Teja Sajja.

Even after the makers released the trailer, there is still some confusion over the content. The director in his exclusive interview with admits that there are still misperceptions over the story and genre.

“There is still confusion about the film’s story. Some felt it was a 3D movie. Some think that the story is based on Ramayan. There is confusion that Teja is Hanuman. He is a normal person who gets the superpowers of Hanuman. How he fights the evil-natured villain, protects his village Anjanadri from him and the whole world is the crux of the story,” clarifies he.

The director says Teja was worried after all the hype after the teaser was unveiled. “We tried to live up to the expectations by adding some elements. We didn’t change the story. But we took the best care, in terms of technical aspects.”

Prasanth says it was almost two years of discussion on how to show Hanuman. “I can’t reveal much of it. There was a limited presence before the teaser. But after getting so much reception for the teaser, we made sure the audience would feel the presence all through. There will be Hanuman references for every 10 minutes- whether it’s a dialogue or a visual. There are at least 4 scenes which will give goosebumps to the audience.”

The director informs us to have set-up a studio in an open place where the major part of the movie was filmed. “We created an alternative world in a studio and we named it Hanuman Studio. You don’t hear any names from the present. The names of the places are from Itihasas. That’s one thing that I’m very proud of.”

Prasanth assures that the movie has good entertainment and emotions. “I got feedback from my friends that I didn’t handle emotions well in my previous movies. So, I focussed on these two things. Initially, Hanu-Man is an entertaining film. Then there is action, VFX, and genuine love. It’s a proper Sankranthi movie. Satya, Get-up Seenu, Vennela Kishore, and Rakesh Master are there. Unfortunately, Rakesh master is no more. But he would have become a busy actor.”

The director clarified that some people tried to stop the censoring of the movie. However, he used all his influence to stop them. “Without a doubt, Hanu-Man will be released for Sankranthi. I’m already in talks with stars like Prabhas, Balakrishna, Chiranjeevi, etc. to bring them for any of the promotional events. We’re planning to hold a pre-release event on January 7th. Although our movie may not have huge release initially, the theatres count will increase, after it gets positive talk.”

Prasanth Varma says they will be releasing another trailer during the pre-release event. Watch this video for the full interview:


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