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'Hanu Man' Gives Big Boost To Chiranjeevi

'Hanu Man' Gives Big Boost To Chiranjeevi

"Hanu Man" is the movie that set new records among small films. The gross collection exceeded Rs 250 Cr worldwide and also achieved a phenomenal box office performance in the USA.

Taking note of this potential, the overseas rights for NTR-Koratala's 'Devara' were already sold for Rs 27 Cr. Not stopping there, even Megastar Chiranjeevi's upcoming film, directed by Mallidi Vassishta with the title 'Viswambhara,' has been sold for Rs 18 Cr.

Although the film is yet to commence production, it is scheduled for release during the 2025 Sankranthi festival, and the overseas rights were already sold out.

Therefore, it is implied that almost half of the proposed amount needs to be paid as an advance within the next 3-4 months, with the remaining balance to be settled upon the project's conclusion. This implies a significant financial commitment for the buyers, who will need to invest heavily in the interests. 

Despite this, the confidence instilled by "Hanu Man" in the overseas buyers is prompting them to make such decisions.


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