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Hanu Man Crosses Guntur Kaaram Collection

Hanu Man Crosses Guntur Kaaram Collection

When "Hanu Man" and "Guntur Kaaram" were released on January 12, the former struggled to secure a place in theaters. However, nine days later, the tables turned.

On the ninth day since its release, "Hanu Man" exceeded the total collection of "Guntur Kaaram." Presently, "Hanu Man" has grossed more than "Guntur Kaaram."

In the span of nine days, "Hanu Man" amassed Rs 134.65 crore gross in India, while "Guntur Kaaram" earned Rs 134.52 Cr during the same period. 

As the Prasanth Varma-directed film enters its tenth day (Sunday), it is expected to generate additional revenue and surpass its counterpart even further.

In the United States, the film achieved a gross of nearly $4 million gross and exhibited strong performance in Australia. Consequently, "Hanu Man" boasts a significantly higher overseas gross than "Guntur Kaaram."

As a result, the film's overall earnings now surpass those of "Guntur Kaaram" in both the domestic and international markets.


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