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Hansika Confesses About Casting Couch Experience?

Hansika Confesses About Casting Couch Experience?

Hansika Motwani is an actress who has worked with numerous A-list and mid-range actors in both Telugu and Tamil film industries. 

Recently, during a confession, she revealed that she had been stalked by a prominent hero in Telugu who persistently made dating proposals towards her.

Hansika stated that she had given him a warning and managed to maintain boundaries. 

However, she emphasized that other actors she has worked with have been respectful and professional. 

This revelation has sparked discussions and speculations about the identity of the actor in question. Many are taking the names of different heroes in their way in social media. 

Unfortunately, incidents like these highlight the persistent issue of the casting couch, where some individuals in the film industry engage in inappropriate behavior.

It serves as a reminder that actions from the past can continue to haunt victims in the future.


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