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Green Signal: Shoddy Scripting and Middling Direction

Green Signal: Shoddy Scripting and Middling Direction

Green Signal is released this weekend under Brand Maruthi's name. Rudrapati Rama Rao has produced the film and Vijay Maddhala made his directorial debut with Green Signal.

After looking at the trailers, we can easily understand that the film is nothing but a sex-comedy. Green Signal is all about a group of friends who live their life happily before falling in love. This film is highly inspired from Bollywood movies like Pyaar Ka Punchanama and Dil Toh Bachcha He ji. Well these kind of stories are adapted from western culture and none of them are close to our day-to-day lives.

Director should take utmost care while handling this kind of subjects and Vijay has completely lost while executing it. Apart from couple of hilarious scenes, there is nothing much to talk about Green Signal. 

Best part about the movie is the newcomers. Revanth, Gopalsai and Ashutosh etc. have delivered decent performances. Dimple Chopadia has done exceptionally well among the heroines followed by Rakshitha Haasika. Manali Rathod didn't appear like a heroine material and Shilpi Sharma is dull too. Routine music and not-so-special background score from JB made the film look boring most of the time. Cinematography and the sanyasi's episode were ok. Pyaar Ka Punchanama is a hilarious film with loads of entertainment. Even if the director was able to re-create the same scenes, he would have entertained the Telugu audiences. Instead, he took the majority of the scenes and killed them with bad writing. Gay episodes involving the lead actor and 'Jabardasth' fame Chammak Chandra are easily one the worst comedy episodes in the recent times.

When the filmmakers are trying to adapt or freemake (Unofficial Remake) a film Telugu, they should make sure that the writing part doesn't have any flaws. Because, films like Green Signal won't have any audience if the word of mouth is not good from day one. And to get a positive word of mouth, filmmakers need to ensure that the writing part is brilliant as most of the audience who come to theater(For low-budget films) on day one are the people who love cinema and one cannot expect common public to watch the film on first day itself, without getting a positive feedback.

Green Signal is technically weak. Average music, shoddy scripting and irritating comedy makes this film a boring one. Green Signal doesn't even have enough stuff to satisfy Maruthi Brand movie lovers.



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