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Gogineni Babu Makes A Graceful Exit From Bigg Boss 2

Gogineni Babu Makes A Graceful Exit From Bigg Boss 2

As predicted by the voting trends, Babu Gogineni has been evicted from Bigg Boss season 2. Despite his popularity, personal image and vast knowledge, Babu couldn’t impress Bigg Boss audience.

No one would have thought that Babu will be eliminated before contestants like Ganesh, Deepthi Sunaina, Amith and Roll Rida.

Babu played his game absolutely perfect until Tejaswi Madivada was evicted. He confronted Kaushal for wrong reasons and started targeting him after Tejaswi’s eviction.

His heated discussion with Geetha Madhuri also didn’t go down well with the viewers. Influencing other housemates in favor of his group members was another reason for Babu’s eviction.

Although Babu lost his cool while he was in the house, he made sure to make a graceful exit from the show. He didn’t try to attack anybody in the house even after seeing some unpleasant talk against him in the videos shown.

He had thrown the bathroom maintenance ‘big bomb’ on Roll Rida and had a very pleasant talk with the housemates before leaving the show.

Babu and Tejaswi were clear examples for how not to play the Bigg Boss game. Forming groups and attacking others would shorten the stay of any player irrespective of their fame and name.

Will other housemates learn a lesson from this eviction and stop playing group games? Bigg Boss season 2 is surely getting spicier as it nears the final stages.



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