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Glamourous Heroine Talks Of Bhakti And Mukti

Glamourous Heroine Talks Of Bhakti And Mukti

She may be down, but she is surely not out. Just when people thought she was history, she bounced back with Manam and she has just had a release in Gopala Gopala.

Like all actors, Shriya’s visit to the temple town of Tirumala is now in news. Though there were times when Shriya dressed rather glamourously to go to darshan, this time, Shriya was dressed prim and propah and completely involved in god.

When asked if she wanted to act in big films with leading stars, Shriya said that her visit was not to ask god for personal favours.

Well, it is well-known that asking god for mukti is much complicated than asking for a good future or a good husband. But Shriya maintains that her visit had nothing to do with asking god for good things.

Though she had a promising career, things did not go too well for Shriya and she has been struggling to get decent roles for some time.

Despite being glamourous and a good performer, she hasn’t had a hit film in a long time till Manam happened.

Let’s hope god hears her prayers and that 2015 will be a good year for her.



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