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Futile Exercise With 'Salaar' Promotions

Futile Exercise With 'Salaar' Promotions

There is a saying in Telugu that goes, 'dongalu padina aarnellaki...'. Looking at a recent development in the film industry, this adage comes to mind.

The promotions of the film "Salaar" started yesterday. It is true that the full run of the film has almost come to an end after running for weeks.

It should be noted that there has been no pre-release and post-release publicity for this film even weeks after its release.

But now, Prabhas has come out to promote the film with success meets and interviews.

If this publicity had happened before the festival itself, there would have been a benefit at the box office. But what is the use of this exercise now?

Already, four new Telugu films are running, and the Hindi film 'Fighter' is coming up for this Republic Day. This late publicity is surprising the media circles and film lovers.

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