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Filmmakers Are Not Interested in Her

Filmmakers Are Not Interested in Her

Lot of filmmakers say that they are exporting heroines from other states as they are not able to find suitable Telugu heroines.

Even if they are able to find any, most of them are not comfortable to expose. Here, we are talking about 'Prema Katha Chitram' heroine Nandita.

She has delivered decent performance in Prema Katha Chitram and after that, many filmmakers wanted to sign Nandita as a heroine in their film. However, Nandita is very particular about the exposing part and she doesn't even listen to the director.

Maruti's 'Lovers' was released recently and the collections for this film are good. However, lot of people complained that Nandita has become a major minus for the film.

She doesn't even appear in sexy outfits and most importantly, Nandita doesn't have a beautiful face. Most of the heroines have the same problem but they cover it up by appearing is sexy outfits and glam roles.

Directors pleaded Nandita to wear some revealing outfits but this heroine was stubborn and decided to appear only in Chudidhars and Sarees.

After coming to know about Nandita's behavior, many directors have dropped the idea of casting this heroine in their films.



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