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Film Distributor Selling Vegetables On Streets

Film Distributor Selling Vegetables On Streets

The pandemic called Coronavirus has changed the lives of many. Many have lost jobs and some are living on hope. 

It is known that the film industry is one of the heavily hit industries in this lockdown time. As the theatres were shut many managers have lost jobs. The distributors are also penniless now. 

Khader Basha is one such theatre manager cum distributor from Tadipatri region of Andhra Pradesh. He has a wife, a son and two daughters. The children are of school going age.

As he lost the job his wife started selling flowers and lived on that small income for some days. 

As the amount is not sufficient to make both ends meet, he started selling vegetables wearing a mask.

He took a towing cart and has been roaming the streets of his town with vegetables. He says happily that his income is sufficient now for all his basic needs. 

There are many Khader Bashas in the country today. A private school teacher who is not given any salary for the last three months (as the students didn't pay the fees) is selling bananas on a cart.

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