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Exclusive: Balakrishna's NBK Films To Take Over NTR Biopic!

Exclusive: Balakrishna's NBK Films To Take Over NTR Biopic!

Biopic of NTR is turning out to be the most awaited project from Telugu film industry now. The craze surrounding the film has been rising with each poster.

Latest poster featuring Balakrishna and Rana as NTR and CBN has gone viral on the internet. Director Krish and his team are doing a great job in building the hype around the prestigious project.

Meanwhile, Balakrishna is reportedly planning to take over the project from other producers that have invested in it.

NTR biopic was initially planned by Vishnu Induri and Sai Korrapati, but Balakrishna also has taken a share in the production when it materialized. The project has become humongous after Krish stepped in as the director.

Distributors are betting big on the biopic of NTR to an extent that it is valued at Rs. 100 crore at the moment. Cost of production is also increasing as the project is turning hot in the trade.

Therefore, Balakrishna decided to take over the project from other parties involved so that there wouldn’t be restrictions on the budget.

Balakrishna wants NTR to remain as a historic film in Telugu cinema. He doesn’t want to compromise on any aspect and wants it to be an exclusive product from NBK Films LLP.

Talks are currently going on as Balakrishna is planning to settle the amount that was spent by Sai and Vishnu so that he gets full control over the production.

We have to wait for further updates to know whether they are okay to step out of it or not? 



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