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Ex-CBI JD Keeps Media Guessing!

Ex-CBI JD Keeps Media Guessing!

Former joint director of Central Bureau of Investigation V V Lakshminarayana, who took voluntary retirement from his police service, has been keeping the media guessing on his possible entry into Andhra Pradesh politics.

While a section of media speculated that he might join the ruling Telugu Desam Party, majority sections of the media predicted that he would join the Bharatiya Janata Party because of his Sangh background during the college days.

Adding to the speculations of this second group, Lakshminarayana even reportedly attended an RSS cadre’s meeting.

Even newly-appointed state BJP president Kanna Lakshminarayana indicated that Lakshminarayana might join the BJP.

He told the media the other day that it was for the party to decide whether Kanna Lakshiminarayana or JD Lakshminarayana would be the CM candidate of the BJP in Andhra Pradesh.

The former IPS officer, however, denied all these speculations while talking to media in Nellore. He said all the reports linking him to one party or the other were wrong.

“I will take an appropriate decision on my political entry after touring the entire state and understanding the people’s issues,” he said.

“My first objective is to identify the real problems of the people, especially farmers. They are not expecting any sops and subsidies. All that they are asking is adequate remunerative prices for their crops.

I will submit a detailed report to chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu on the problems being faced by the people. I will decide on my future course of action after seeing the response and action from the chief minister,” he said.

Apparently, Lakshminarayana would take a decision on joining the TDP after watching Naidu’s reactions on his proposals. He did not say why he would not bring the same report to the notice of YSRC or the BJP.



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