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Drunk Act: Rajendra Prasad Over Explaining?

Drunk Act: Rajendra Prasad Over Explaining?

Former Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao’s favorite actor is Rajendra Prasad. PV said he would watch Rajendra Prasad comedy movies to relieve the stress of his work as PM who was running minority government then. Such is Rajendra Prasad’s fan following.

He undoubtedly is a great actor on screen but filmmakers have been complaining his off-screen behavior.

His rude and overreaching behavior is now being talked openly by the new-age filmmakers.

Earlier directors and producers didn’t complain about his attitude out of respect or fear but now everything has changed.

It was widely reported that Rajendra Prasad side-lined director Nandini Reddy to narrate Samantha how to do comic sequences during the filming of “Oh Baby”.

He almost tried to direct scenes, it was reported. It also came out in the news that he reached to the sets after consuming alcohol and started acting in drunken condition.

Rajendra Prasad is now explaining in detail that he never interfered in the work of Nandini Reddy and he is praising both Nandini and Samantha saying that “Oh Baby” would not have taken this shape without their involvement.

Interestingly, he spoke at length about his drunken act. He explained that he didn’t come to the sets in inebriated condition. He was not sloshed when he was shooting for “Oh Baby”, Rajendra Prasad explained.

According to him, one particular day, he behaved like a drunk guy off screen just to be in that mood to perform realistically for a sequence in the film.

In the film, there is a scene where he has to act as if he was drunk heavily to bail out a character. To get this act right, he “acted” as if he drunk on the sets, he reasoned.

But his over-explaining itself is very fishy. 



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