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Do You Know Whose House Is Vaikunthapuram?

Do You Know Whose House Is Vaikunthapuram?

The mansion that is named Vaikunthapuram in Sankranthi blockbuster Ala Vaikunthapuram is a real one and it is located in Hyderabad itself.

At first, Trivikram and Art Director Prakash thought of getting the exterior shots of a mansion in some other country. 

However, they found this mansion that suits their imagination in Hyderabad itself. It is the house of NTV Chairman Chowdary's daughter Rachana's in-laws.

They are relatives of Harika Hassine Creations owner Radha Krishna and on his request they agreed to shoot from the outside for a couple of days. The estimated cost to build this mansion is around Rs. 100 Cr. 

It was tough to get a house with interiors that match the exteriors of that mansion. Hence, art director AS Prakash erected a set in Annapurna Studios with Rs. 5 Cr budget that was so perfect as the interior for Trivikram's Vaikunthapuram. 



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