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Discussion: Sri Reddy Abuses PK, Who is The Director?

Discussion: Sri Reddy Abuses PK, Who is The Director?

Sri Reddy who shot to fame with casting couch allegations against Telugu film industry is now backed by many other junior artists and small time actresses who claim to have faced similar experiences.

Sri Reddy is also supported by women welfare organizations and other feminist activists.

Sri Reddy is all over social media again by hurling abuses at Pawan Kalyan. She is offended by Pawan Kalyan’s suggestion to approach police and file a complaint rather discussing it on TV.

“How can he say that? I am ashamed to call him a brother (anna),” she removed her sandal and slapped herself with it in front of the cameras. She went on to show middle finger to Pawan Kalyan and also abused him in Arjun Reddy style.

Interestingly, Sri Reddy posted a positive tweet thanking power star for his suggestion and also wrote that she had filed a complaint with the police right after Pawan’s statement was aired on TV.

She changed her stand within hours and started abusing him in an objectionable way as if she is trying to provoke Pawan fans.

This sudden change of Sri Reddy’s behavior is raising doubts in the minds of netizens. They now believe that she is clearly being directed by someone from behind and acting as per the script.

Everyone wonder what’s wrong in Pawan’s suggestion to get offended to this extent?

Ironically, she did file a complaint with the police regarding her issues with the film industry. Looks like a bigger conspiracy is cooking against PK going by the latest developments, opine a few news analysts.



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