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Director used to beat me during shoot: Actress

Director used to beat me during shoot: Actress

Actress Mamitha Baiju, who predominantly works in Malayalam cinema, has levelled serious allegations against director Bala, with whom she worked in the film 'Vanangaan'.

The actress has said that she endured mental harassment and physical assualt from the director while working on the film.

The film also featured Tamil superstar Suriya.

The actress narrated an incident from the sets of the film.

She said that for a scene, she wasn't given the adequate time to prepare and struggled through the shoot.

The actress told a YouTube channel, "There's something called Villadichampaatu in it ('Vanangaan'). Seeing it, I asked if I (the character) had been practicing it for a long time (and was experienced) or if it is depicted as she is attempting it for the first time. I was told that my character is portrayed as having extensive experience. In such a scenario, I should be adept in the movements, right? Because when performing, you have to sing while playing a drum, and it's done in a particular style too. He (Bala) then pointed me to a woman (a Villadichampaatu artiste) and told me to look at her doing it."

She continued, "As soon as I looked, he said okay and announced that we were going for a take. I was shocked and not ready for it. I hadn't even understood what they were singing. It took me three tries to learn it. In between, he scolded me quite a few times."

"He had told me beforehand that he would be like that and say stuff (scold) and advised me not to take it seriously even though it might be hurtful at that time. So, I had mentally prepared for this while on set. He used to beat me too. Suriya sir already knew about it (Bala's ways) because they had worked together before. So, their rapport was good, and I was the new one in this dynamic," she added.

Suriya later walked out of the film just like her. However, she didn't outrightly say that she left the film because of such behaviour of the director.

Bala is known for his unprofessional behaviour on set.

After Suriya left the film, actor Arun Vijay stepped into the lead role.

The film directed and written by Bala, is slated to release in March.


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