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Director Maruthi In Back To Back Tension

Director Maruthi In Back To Back Tension

Though it sounds quite fancy it must be said that one of the most stressful job in the film industry is that of a director.

He is the captain of the ship who must ensure everything from scratch till end has to be perfect. And if by any chance the film lands in trouble then he is the worst affected.

Right now, that seems to be the case with director Maruthi. Though he has seen significant success within a short span in Tollywood, he is now facing some rough weather.

Till recently Maruthi was reportedly embroiled in the controversy of his new movie ‘Radha’ and it had to do with the story issue.

This was happening for a while and now it is heard that his other project ‘Kotha Janta’ has landed into some soup.

Well, sources say producer Allu Aravind was not happy with a particular section of the film so a reshoot is happening which would be to the duration of 20 days.

Buzz is that the shooting is happening on Posani Krishnamurali and his scenes. All this is reportedly putting Maruthi in back to back tensions.



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