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Dil Raju: Only Commission, No Buying

Dil Raju: Only Commission, No Buying

Producer Dil Raju has completely stopped buying movies for distribution this year. The star producer-cum-distributor has lost more than Rs 70 Cr in distribution business last year, when he had huge disasters like Mahesh Babu’s “Spyder” and Pawan Kalyan’s “Agnyaathavaasi”.

His distribution company will now take up only big movies for distribution on commission basis.

If any big producer wants him to distribute the movie in Nizam area, his company will release the film, but won’t give any advance amount. Instead Dil Raju will release it for the producer on commission basis, and profits or loses will directly go to the producer.

This is the safest method for big star movies that have become quite risky these days, he feels.

Dil Raju has been delivering back to back hits as a producer, but he has been losing money as a distributor. Varun Tej’s “Tholiprema” would be his last such venture as distributor as he bought the rights last year.

Dil Raju’s distribution company releases movies in Nizam, Guntur and Vizag areas regularly. But his primary operation area is Nizam.



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