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Dil Raju Officially Walks out of Bharateeyudu 2

Dil Raju Officially Walks out of Bharateeyudu 2

Better sense prevailed upon Dil Raju. After his close friends advised him that if he would produce a film with Shankar and Kamal Haasan, his production empire would collapse, Dil Raju has realized his mistake early.

Given Kamal’s current form of success, making “Bharateeyudu 2” with high budget would be a huge mistake.

Dil Raju has now totally backed out of this project. He told this to the media.

Agreeing that he is not producing it, Dil Raju said he was tempted to produce it because it was his dream to work with director Shankar.

“However, all my friends and well-wishers were against me backing Bharateeyudu”, he added.

It is said that Shankar demanded Rs 45 Cr as remuneration and Kamal Haasan asked  for  Rs 40 Cr remuneration.

Dil Raju was ready to give Rs 40 Cr to Shankar but he was shocked when Kamal demanded such huge money.

After realizing that remunerations of all the cast and crew would alone touch Rs 150 Cr, he realized that the film will not be viable.



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