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Did Bhansali cut out bisexual scenes from Padmaavat?

Did Bhansali cut out bisexual scenes from Padmaavat?

Ranveer Singh's portrayal of Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khilji was one of Padmaavat's biggest positives.

What's the most interesting take on his portrayal of the villain of the piece is the hinted bisexuality.

Certain historians have said that the emperor was bisexual and one of his male lovers was his Afghan slave, Malik Kafur, who was played by Jim Sarbh in the movie.

Padmaavat, however, didn't go all out on this aspect of their relationship, though it gave us enough playful hints that there is something going on between these two.

Kafur was openly obsessed with Khilji, but the latter just relishes on his affections but doesn't let get in the bed. Or did he?

Recently during a media interaction, Ranveer Singh hinted that many scenes from the movie have been cut, that deserves to be a part of Director's Cut of Padmaavat.

When he was asked if he enjoyed doing the role, Ranveer said in a light-hearted manner, "Jim Sarbh had called me and complained that so many scenes have been cut. I told him this happens (in Bollywood). Whatever you want to do, do it fast or it will get cut. Six to seven hours of footage gets shot, but the movie is made just for two and a half hours."

When a reporter asked if intimate scenes have been cut from the movie, Ranveer laughed and replied "Yes", before asking the journalist if she found Jim hot. Since this happened before the official media interaction started, we are not sure if Ranveer was just making a joke or was there some truth in what he said.

While the final product doesn't betray any such intimate scenes being cut, there is a weird bath-tub sequence between Khilji and Kafur, before the Binte Dil song, that is the closest they get to being intimate with each other. Though nothing explicit is shown in the scene, we do have a nagging feeling that something more had happened between these two than what was depicted on screen.

Did Bhansali get cold feet over these scenes thanks to the protests and issues with Censor Board?

Surely, we are looking forward to that Director's Cut that Ranveer Singh was referring to, even if it was said as a joke. Is that going to happen anytime soon?



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