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Dictator Offers 15% Discount To Distributors

Dictator Offers 15% Discount To Distributors

Balakrishna gave a bumper offer to the buyers of his Sankranthi release Dictator. On Monday evening, Dictator was screened to few distributors and the unit members including Balakrishna.

Distributors who talked to Balakrishna at the screening have reportedly expressed their concern over the shortage of theaters due to the heavy competition.

The distributors said that they would face difficulties in recovering the costs as the competition is unexpectedly high.

Balakrishna heard to their concerns and immediately offered fifteen percent discount on the asking price. So every buyer who bought the rights of this film can now give only eighty five percent of the money they have agreed upon.

Although distributors are making merry over Balakrishna’s generosity, anti fans are commenting that this shows weakness as no one offer discount when the movie is just two days away from hitting the screens.

Well, critics will keep on pointing fingers at everything. It is so nice of Balayya to give festival discounts to Dictator buyers.

Now the producers of other Sankranthi releases should try to hide from the buyers as they too might ask for discounts.



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