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Delay Tensions Surrounding Pawan's 'Bro'

Delay Tensions Surrounding Pawan's 'Bro'

The film 'Bro', directed by Samudrakhani and featuring Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej, is currently in production. The movie script corrections and dialogues have been handled by Trivikram Srinivas.

The film is scheduled to release in exactly two weeks, but there is still a significant amount of work remaining to be completed. Specifically, the dubbing work for both heroes is still pending and needs to be finished this week.

However, Pawan Kalyan is currently engaged in a political tour, which will result in a three-day gap this week. It remains uncertain if the dubbing can be completed during that time.

While Sai Dharam Tej has completed most of his work, the dubbing process is progressing slowly, and it may take an additional week to finish all the dubbing activities. This delay might also pose a challenge in effectively promoting the film.

It is suggested that Sai Dharam Tej should take charge of the promotions this time, as Pawan is busy with his political tours.

The plans for a pre-release event for 'Bro' are yet to be determined, including the date and location. If Pawan attends, it is essential to ensure that the event is well-managed and can handle the expected large crowd, as it may otherwise become difficult to handle the gathering.

Considering all these circumstances, it is crucial to expedite the CG work and post-production tasks. The overall schedule for the film's release is quite tight, and efforts must be made to meet the deadline.

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