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Dearth Of Heroines In Tollywood; What To Do?

Dearth Of Heroines In Tollywood; What To Do?

The serious dearth of talented heroines has come as a blessing in disguise for a few heroines in the Telugu film industry. Those who thought their career was coming to a close are now getting good offers.

Not one, but many such heroines are in full demand now, notwithstanding the fact that they have already become seniors in the industry. Reason: none of the upcoming heroines looks promising and has any talent.

Both the Telugu and Tamil film industries are revolving around only a few heroines – Hansika, Trisha, Kajal, Nayanatara and Samantha. All of them have already enjoyed the peak status, having done almost all types of roles that suit their glamour and acting talent. Normally, they should have wound up their career by now, but they are still in high demand.

Take for example, Kajal. There were reports that her parents were planning to get her married, as his younger sister also got married much before. It could have happened, but for series of offer she started getting of late, that too beside star heroes like Chiranjeevi.

Same is the case with Hansika, who everybody has actually forgotten. After two years, she has bagged two back-to-back offers in two films – one starring Gopichand and the other Vishnu.

And Nayanatara, who has earned the bad name of harassing her producers by not compromising on her remuneration and not attending the film promos. Yet, there is no dearth of offers to her, despite she charging Rs 3 crore remuneration.

With regard to Samantha, there is a divided talk. She is good at acting but not so attractive in her physique which was evident in Janata Garage. Yet, producers are queuing up before her residence to get her dates by paying whatever remuneration she demands.

“This unfortunate situation of running around only four or five actresses would not have been there, had there been no dearth of talented actresses,” a producer remarked.



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