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Daring and Dashing Hero Balayya

Daring and Dashing Hero Balayya

Nandamuri Balakrishna socializes with juniors and seniors freely and mingles with co-actors easily. He also doesn’t care about taking wine in front of media or getting photographed.

Photos of his recent ‘date night’ with Bollywood actress Kyra Dutt have gone viral.

The actress has played a small role and an item song in Puri Jagannadh’s “Paisa Vasool” and she had dinner with Balakrishna during the movie’ shoot.

The actress herself posted photos of her ‘date night with Balakrishna’.

“Date night with Balakrishna Garu. A true gentleman & a man with a golden heart. Unconditional love and eternal respect”, she tweeted with photos.

What is surprising that Balakrishna allowed her to take the photos when the wine glasses were still on the table.

Though taking wine is part of high life culture during dinner but celebrities avoid getting photographed with wine bottles as it would give wrong signal to their fans and youth.

Generally, fans and vulnerable youth mimic the lifestyle and habits of their favoutie stars and the stars have responsibility towards society to maintain dignity in public life or avoiding being photographed with such social life.

But Balakrishna doesn’t care. He lives on his own terms little caring about social responsibility. He makes fun about heroines on public dais, he slaps people when someone irritates him.

Even young heroes hide away from cameras when glass of alcohol is in their hands or on the table. But Balakrishna is daring and dashing, he doesn’t worry about these things, right!



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