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Danger Bells For Ram Pothineni's Career!

Danger Bells For Ram Pothineni's Career!

Ram Pothineni is widely recognized by the Telugu audience for his endearing persona and impeccable timing in his performances.

His spirited acting and innate charm have captivated viewers, especially in films like "Ready."

However, "iSmart Shankar" emerged as a massive success out of nowhere, resonating with the masses for entirely different reasons. This bold experiment connected with the audience.

Nevertheless, this success does not mean Ram should confine himself to that specific genre or transform into a bulked-up figure for movies like "Skanda." Such a path could lead his career down a perilous trajectory.

In "Skanda," his portrayal felt far from natural; everything from his performance to his dialogue delivery came across as forced and artificial.

In contrast, actors like Nithiin bounced back to their original strengths after setbacks with experiments.

It's high time for Ram to reassess his career choices, exercise caution in the stories he selects, and hone his unique selling points.


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