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Critics' Take On Touch Chesi Chudu

Critics' Take On Touch Chesi Chudu

Ravi Teja made a successful comeback with “Raja The Great” last year after taking a brief sabbatical. Since he is known for mass entertainers, “Touch Chesi Chudu” made the right buzz.

Here's what some media people had to say about the film:

Times of India: In Vikram Sirikonda's 'Touch Chesi Chudu', Ravi Teja is meaner and leaner than he ever was, but the script lacks any of the attributes that made him a successful star in the first place.

With a shoddy screenplay and an unimaginative storyline, 'Touch Chesi Chudu' is a cumbersome watch. 

But even if you're a die-hard fan of the Mass Maharaja, you wouldn't help but feel short-changed after watching the film.

Ravi Teja's dialogue-delivery is still intact, he can still beat up goons, he can still dance in foreign locales but if you're expecting a good story to be told, I'm afraid you won't find it here.

Indian Express: Touch Chesi Chudu, which is written by Vakkantham Vamsi and directed by Vikram Sirikonda, is much better than Teja’s previous outing Raja The Great. That is, indeed, a relief.

The Hindu: Watching Touch Chesi Chudu is an energy-draining exercise. One doesn’t take Ravi Teja style of mass masalas too seriously and look for logic. So it wasn’t about a search for cerebral cinema.

His previous outing Raja The Great got it right with a few hilarious portions, but this one is pointless. Not one scene lingers at the end of the noisy, yawn-inducing drawl.

The Hans India: Touch Chesi Chudu is the regular mass masala movie that has a routine storyline. Though the storyline is regular, the film has some high and robust voltage mass action episodes.

Ravi Teja's excellent energy levels and comic timing is sure to impress the audiences. 

There are high chances that the audiences in B and C centers will end up liking the film as the film offers solid commercial content with no boredom.

On the whole, the film Touch Chesi Chudu tried to reach the expectations, and it is a one-time watchable fare.

The News Minute: Vikram Sirikonda’s first major outing as a director barely excites considering the standard template he has chosen from Vakkantham Vamsi, who churns out popcorn blockbusters – for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The staid plotline doesn’t really get a lift from the score Pritam (another import) offers. The leading ladies are probably the only ones who can walk away with their heads held high.

Hindustan Times: The film is billed as a popcorn entertainer and is aimed to do well among family audiences.

Firstpost: At a run-time of close to 146 minutes, Touch Chesi Choodu not only relies on your admiration for Ravi Teja’s relentless energy but also tests your patience in sitting through its dull drama.

It might very well have been named as ‘Opika Unte Choodu’ (Watch it if you have patience). At least, that would have justified whatever follows after the titles roll in the beginning.



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