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Critics Take On Bhaagamatie

Critics Take On Bhaagamatie

Bhaagamathie was a much-awaited film for two reasons. First and foremost is surely its leading lady Anushka Shetty and secondly for the genre as was projected in the promos.

After the unforgettable Arundhathi, the promos of the film promised yet another edge-of-the-seat film on similar lines.

Bhaagamatie has hit the screens on Republic Day and here's what the critics say about it:

The Indian Express: The main drawback of Ashok’s narrative is he gives up the suspense part of the story very early on.

The ‘big twist’ and the film as a whole package may have entertained us much better, if only Ashok had held onto the suspense until the end.

The First Post: Does Bhaagamathie have something new to say? Not really. But it takes the existing tropes of horror-thriller genre to tell a familiar story in a different manner.

It’s layered narrative gives plenty of scope to juggle between different sub-plots and motivations of characters. That’s the real triumph of Bhaagamathie.

Ashok might have taken plenty of cinematic liberties to tell his story, but isn’t that what taking a leap of faith all about?

The News Minute: Bhaagamathie is Anushka's film all the way and the actor's performance is what ultimately makes us stay till the end to find out what on earth happened in that bungalow – BHAAGAMATHIE's bungalow.

Hindustan Times: The gem of this film is, of course, Anushka Shetty. She plays Bhaagamathie with such grace and talent that it leaves us in awe of her performance. That one scene where she stylishly drapes her shawl shows her screen presence.

If anyone has doubts that she can carry a film on her shoulders, Bhaagamathie is the answer.

Times Of India: What works for 'Bhaagamathie' is that there's never a dull moment in the film, and the director keeps the viewers hooked with constant twists and turns. Just when you think the film is going in one direction, you get surprised with a different twist.

What seems utterly predictable is not quite the case, and unpredictability is a good trait to have while making a successful horror-thriller. 

Trouble is that the horror element is exaggerated and fails to make an impact. With all the visual and sound effects, the idea of a dayyam (ghost/spirit) making noises is uninspiring.

Ultimately, the 'horror' scenes in the film simply come across as loud and over-the-top. 

The Hindu: Bhaagamathie is a well-constructed deceit that could have been even better had it not played safe.

What if the woman had grey shades and what if we truly had an unpredictable villain? The solid cast led by Anushka Shetty makes up for the lacunae.

Anushka headlines the film with all her majesticity and evokes equal sympathy. Jayaram is good but since his character holds no surprises, the put-on act doesn’t really connect.

Asha Sarath and Unni Mukundan are effective in their parts and Murali Sharma is as dependable as ever.

If the team decides to build on the open-ended story and take us back into the Bhaagamathie adda, a few more surprises will help.

The Hans India: The movie Bhaagamathie is a reasonably engaging thriller with adequate twists. All these twists are not new to the Telugu audiences, the makers have managed to bring a decent product to the viewers.

The film was well made; especially the second half has come out well. Anushka Shetty carried the movie on her shoulders, and she has driven the film to the unbeaten path.

The supporting cast has also contributed well to the movie.

The major highlight of the film is the background score from Thaman which is one of his best background score efforts to date.

On the whole, the film stands out as a decent entertainer this weekend.



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