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Confusion Over Venky Mama Continues

Confusion Over Venky Mama Continues

There is a lot of confusion over the release date of “Venky Mama.” Producer Suresh Babu is still dodging on the date.

He is only sending feelers to the trade about various possible dates resulting in chaos.

The latest news we hear is that “Venky Mama” would hit the screens on January 11. However, it cannot be taken seriously until Suresh Babu releases a poster with the date.

Why is Suresh Babu keeping everyone guessing? Does he have any issues with the other producers in the Producer’s Guild?

The original release date of “Venky Mama” was September 13. The shooting of the movie has long been completed, except for some patchwork.

Holding the movie for three months is nothing but exerting pressure on other movies because he has a good number of screens under his hold.

There is talk among the Tollywood producers is that Suresh Babu is being unfair in this whole issue.

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