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Compromise formula by BiggBoss winner?

Compromise formula by BiggBoss winner?

Kaushal Manda became a household name in Andhra Pradesh after winning the BiggBoss season 2.

Apart from donating his winning amount of Rs 50 lakh to charity, he started a Trust aimed at philanthropic activities.

However recently, his reputation went down the drain when TV5 Murthy completely exposed him and revealed the truth about how Kaushal did not get a call from the PMO after winning BiggBoss as claimed by the latter, how his doctorate news was a fake, how there were huge irregularities in the Trust being run by him and complaints galore against Kaushal from his own so-called ‘army’.

The latest gossip in political circles is that Kaushal in order to escape this targeting by TV5 Murthy and avoid any possible legal complications arising from the whole matter has decided to join the TDP.

Now, since TV5 is a hard core TDP-Bhakt, this decision by Kaushal might see some positive coverage for Kaushal on that channel.



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