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Chiru Intervenes in Maa Controversy

Chiru Intervenes in Maa Controversy

The other night actors Naresh and Shivaji Raja had a huge showdown in the premises of MAA (Movie Artistes’ Association). 

Naresh, Rajendra Prasad and other members of MAA have suspected that Shivaji Raja, Edida Sriram and their group had indulged in large scale of irregularities in funds related to the association.

With Naresh locking all the account books created huge ruckus and the executive committee had urgent meeting.

Both Naresh and Shivaji Raja had indulged in war of words. Sources say both had liberally used choicest Telugu boothu words.

It was Chiranjeevi who intervened in the matter by phone call and made them to compromise. Bone of contention is about the funds collected recently from some NRIs in USA.



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