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Chikati Gadhilo Chitthakottudu trailer: Bold and wild

Chikati Gadhilo Chitthakottudu trailer: Bold and wild

Bold films are in trend now and young hero Adith Arun is aptly following it. His latest film is ‘Chikati Gadhilo Chitthakottudu’ and the trailer of it is unveiled.

The first few scenes of the trailer give an impression that it is bold and wild film. Adith and Mirchi Hemanth are best buddies and always talk about women. 

“Ee Ammayillo Yelp Theliyani Vibration Undi,” says Adith and to this Hemanth replies that “Neku Yevarini Chusina Vibration Vastundi Kada Pantlo.”

That’s quite bold and then the heroines Nikki Tamboli and Bhagyashree Mote sizzle in ultra glamour avatars.

Chikati Gadhilo Chitthakottudu is an adult horror comedy written and directed by Santhosh P Jayakumar.

The bold content in the trailer has crossed the line and we have to see what will censor do to this film. But then audience are appreciating such content.



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