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Charmee Convinces Ram with a Proposal

Charmee Convinces Ram with a Proposal

The combination of Ram and Puri Jagannadh was finalised long back but it was not announced until now for one reason.

Ram's uncle Sravanthi Ravi Kishore wanted to produce it at certain budget but Puri quoted higher amount.

Later they proposed to producer together but Sravanthi Ravi Kishore was not happy with the share agreement. So the discussions between Sravanthi and Puri went on for many days.

It is finally Charmee who made Ram to sign the project as she came up with a proposal that is agreeable to both the parties.

Entire profit and loss will be borne by Charmee and Puri and Ram will get higher remuneration than his current price. Thus the deal was okayed.

Charmee is taking huge risk with this film. She already invested money in Puri's previous film 'Mehbooba' and lost. Still, she is investing in this film as she wants to see Puri bounce back in style.



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