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Chandra Babu's 'Bava' Preethi Exposed!

Chandra Babu's 'Bava' Preethi Exposed!

Nandi Awards For years 2014, 2015 and 2016 were announced by Andhra Pradesh Government.

While most of the awards announced were universally acceptable, announcing Legend as the best film of 2014 is drawing flak on social media.

Legend was chosen as the best film by the Jury over critically acclaimed blockbuster Manam. Also Boyapati Srinu fetched the award as the best director for the same film. Netizens say that it is pure injustice to Vikram Kumar’s vision and execution.

Manam is one of the best movies of our times and arguably one of the best scripted and well directed films in recent years.

Legend is a pucca masala film that has little novelty. It might be a successful movie but definitely not worthy enough to bag awards.

Netizens say that Legend bagged these many awards only because of Chandra Babu’s Bava Preethi (love for brother in law).

There a few other awards that seemed funny but Legend bagging the best film and best director awards topped the controversial awards list. 



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