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Censor Talk: Ram Charan's Bruce Lee

Censor Talk: Ram Charan's Bruce Lee

The word from Censor Board is that Ram Charan's Bruce Lee would pass the muster. The movie has good second half with high dose of family values, according to our sources.

There is decent entertainment but the focus is more on sentiment and family relations, they said.

Chiranjeevi's action episode that comes at a crucial juncture in the movie would surely make fans happy. His scene is a trailer to 150th movie indeed, the sources added.

As photographs of Charan and Chiranjeevi being together were leaked earlier, there is a horse-riding scene between them. Heroine Rakul is also present in the scene. Chiranjeevi in his brief role stole the scene, they said.

We can see a totally new Ram Charan in the film. In the role of Karthi, a stunt master, he is equally energetic as also brother carrying the huge responsibility, he also portrayed the role with some maturity, we are told.

Directed by Srinu Vaitla, Bruce Lee The Fighter is releasing on 16th October.



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