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Censor Board Dhanalaxmi is Out

Most of the Tollywood producers and directors felt happy after coming to know that Censor Board Chief A.Dhanalaxmi has completed her term.

Dhanalaxmi joined Central Secretariat Service (CSS) in 1995 and has been on deputation to ministry of steel, NIRD.

She took charge in 2010 as the Regional Censor Officer for Telugu films and since then, lot of filmmakers faced problems with her.

Actors and filmmakers like Mohan Babu and Ram Gopal Varma and many others were frustrated by her style of work.

As per the latest reports, Regional Officer Vijay Kumar will be replacing Dhanalaxmi and he will assume the office from Monday.

Dhanalaxmi has been discharged from her duties today and more details are yet to be known.

Her husband is an IAS officer and is being investigated by the ACB (Anti Corruption Bureau) for corruption charges.

Lot of Telugu Cinema lovers have started to celebrate on the social media platforms regarding the departure of Dhanalaxmi.

Generally, common audience doesn't care to know about the censor officials but Dhanalaxmi has become a popular personality among the movie lovers due to her stubborn decisions upon the filmmakers.



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