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'Can't A Flop Director Deliver?'

'Can't A Flop Director Deliver?'

There was a time when Sudheer Varma was praised to the skies. That was when Swamy Ra Ra happened. Later, Dochey happened and he turned into a flop director.

The latest from tinsel ville is that Varma will soon direct Ravi Teja. In fact, Ravi Teja too has just had a flop in Kick 2. So, Ravi Teja says that it is alright if Sudheer Varma was a flop director as he liked the thought behind his story.

He also clarifies that he did not give Varma chance only because he belongs to his community.  

Ravi Teja maintains that flop directors too have good ideas and all he wants to do is explore one such idea.



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