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Buzz: Wow Sudheer Varma

Buzz: Wow Sudheer Varma

Making films inspired from foreign languages can’t turn a product hit. Off late, a string of young directors entering into Telugu industry are brilliantly simulating highest of technical standards persuaded from International cinema blended with our Telugu nativity perfectly.

Director Sudheer Varma’s name stands in front for talent recognition under this category. From first film Swamy Rara to last released Keshava trailer, his predominant command on film making technicalities have wowed industry folks.

Swamy Rara wasn’t easy film to execute because fusion of crime comedy with a contemporary and devotional Thiruvanthapuram Sri Padnamabhaswamy temple archaeological excavation backdrop was a highlight.

Now, Sudheer Varma’s new turn with Keshava starring Nikhil under the tag Revenge is Best Served Cold is also enticing the viewers.

The breathtakingly edited trailer released few days back to astounding response from viewers elevated Sudheer Varma’s competence at all the 24 crafts. This guy seems to have kept blood and soul making Keshava an intense film.



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