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Buzz: Krish Is Reason For NTR Mishap!

Buzz: Krish Is Reason For NTR Mishap!

Biopic of NTR was expected to set the cash registers ringing, but the second part of the biopic is not able to generate half-decent buzz so far, which is reflecting in its advance booking trends.

Releasing the film in two parts has been the biggest blunder of all. It was Krish's idea to make it in two parts, according to an insider.

Actual plan was to make it a three hour film with minimum focus on NTR's film career and maximum footage for his political journey. There was no change in plan when Teja was on board as the director.

But everything changed drastically after Krish took over. When Krish came up with the idea of making it in two parts, everyone in the team opposed it except Balakrishna, said the source.

It was also Krish's idea to narrate the story of NTR in Basava Tarakam's point of view. Krish has reportedly rewritten the screenplay and has included many characters into the narrative.

He himself was obsessed with playing KV Reddy's character and has put so much focus on it.

However, Krish didn't make much changes to the original script set in the political backdrop besides giving a few emotional tweaks involving Basava Tarakam's character.

The makers believe that the second part has potential to do well at box office. Hence, they have arranged a premiere in Hyderabad today hoping to generate positive buzz by the time regular shows start tomorrow. 



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