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Buyers Waiting For 'Double iSmart'?

Buyers Waiting For 'Double iSmart'?

Director Puri Jagannath has encountered challenges since the failure of the film "Liger."

While the situation appears stable, venturing into film production and release brings its own set of difficulties, especially concerning uncertainties around the release.

Securing funding for the movie "Double iSmart" has proven to be challenging, and selling non-theatrical rights, despite successful audio rights sales, is also proving difficult.

Although several producers are willing to collaborate on a Puri film, there is a contention regarding Charmme's involvement in production.

Consequently, Puri is taking on the production himself. However, the filming of "Double iSmart" is facing hurdles, with reports of canceled schedules.

Buyers of 'Liger' are anticipating the release of 'Double iSmart' in the hope that Puri Jagannath will settle their dues. Doubts persist about whether the film will adhere to its scheduled release.

Nevertheless, sources within the unit assert that there are no difficulties, non-theatre deals are finalized, and financial hurdles are a thing of the past.

According to these sources, everything is on track for the release of 'Double iSmart.'


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