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Bunny Vaas Paying Extra Money for Pooja

Bunny Vaas Paying Extra Money for Pooja

Many new actresses were auditioned and several other established heroines were considered but none of them made it pairing up with young Akkineni actor Akhil.

As per the story, the film needs a stunning beauty. So, when director Bommarillu Bhaskar and producer Bunny Vaas have given up all the options, Akhil Akkineni suggested them to rope in Pooja Hegde. 

It is said that they were skeptical of taking Pooja Hegde for this film initially but they have later agreed.

Pooja Hegde has agreed to do the movie but she has demanded bigger remuneration as it she has to accommodate her dates on a priority basis. She is currently shooting for Prabhas and Allu Arjun’s movies. 

Pooja Hegde has good equations with Allu camp since the days of “DJ” but she wanted better paycheque for this Akhil movie.

She will be officially signing the movie once Allu Aravind gives his nod to the higher paycheque.

Bunny Vaas has already given her token advance. 

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