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Bollywood Singer Settles In Hyderabad

Bollywood Singer Settles In Hyderabad

Over the decades, the Telugu film industry has respected and encouraged talent from various languages.

In fact, some of them have been totally floored by the hospitality and love they receive from the industry and people here.

Recently, Baba Sehgal bought an apartment in Gachibowli and has shifted his base to Hyderabad. And all this is due to the love and recognition he got in the Telugu industry.

In the ’90s, he made the album Thanda thanda paani which was an instant hit. Since it was the MTV era, he made another 20 albums almost all of which were huge hits.

He gave playback for the first time for the movie Rickshawodu in Telugu. He sang the hit number Rooputera mastana for megastar in the film.

But the film that catapulted him to success is the film Jalsa. Incidentally, the film also gave a lot of mileage to Pawan Kalyan.

Apart from giving playback, Baba Sehgal is also busy with stage shows and performances with DJs at star hotels. A pro in Western music, he divorced his wife due to differences and is a bachelor right now.

Baba says people recognize him with his bald pate and so he has stopped any efforts to grow his hair now.

In Telugu, he says he has to sing for Prince Mahesh. But the right offer has to come by to create magic says Sehgal who also runs a dance school here.



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