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Bigg Boss's Mega Sketch To Bring Down Kaushal's Craze!

Bigg Boss's Mega Sketch To Bring Down Kaushal's Craze!

Kaushal and his army of fans have become a huge headache for Bigg Boss season 2.

Despite numerous attempts to bring down Kaushal’s craze, Bigg Boss failed to corner Kaushal, who is a smart player.

In a desperate attempt to save prime contestants in the house from eviction Bigg Boss has nominated Kaushal for entire season.

Even this couldn’t affect the focus and tactics of Kaushal, who continues to be the prime content provider for season 2.

According to the buzz, Bigg Boss is hell bent on bringing down Kaushal’s craze so that public polls turn interesting towards the season's climax. They have extended the season by a week for the same.

If the buzz is to be believed, Kaushal will be assigned to play a tough task shortly.

Kaushal should play an evil King’s role according to the task and should torture other housemates with his hurting demands.

Similar tasks were played in other versions of Bigg Boss before that have affected the contestants popularity to a large extent. This could earn sympathy to other players in the house and turn audience against Kaushal.

Will this affect Kaushal’s popularity as he takes tasks very seriously? Can this task even out the competition and make the finale week interesting? 



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